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Western Australia - Australia's Largest State

We visited Australia in January, 2010, stayed in Fremantle, drove down to Augusta in the SW corner and drove back up the coast to Perth, and also visited the Pinnacles to the north.  Unfortunately, I am ashamed to say, I lost all my original digital photos, and the only ones that remain are those of Perth and Fremantle which I had posted to Flickr.  It was a great trip with beautiful scenery, but the memories (except for the albums you can view below) will only live on in my memory.

Views of downtown Perth, capital of Western Australia  WA Maritime Museum building, Victoria Quay, Fremantle, Western Australia

Western Australia is a state occupying the entire western third of the Australian continent. The nation's largest state and the second largest subnational entity in the world, it has 2.1 million inhabitants (10% of the national total), 85% of whom live in the south-west corner of the state. The state's capital city is Perth. The people of Western Australia are often colloquially referred to as sandgropers, the common name of an insect found on sand dunes around Perth.

Geography Western Australia is bounded by South Australia and the Northern Territory to the east, and the Indian Ocean to the west and north. In Australia, the body of water south of the continent is officially gazetted as the Southern Ocean, whereas the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) designates it as part of the Indian Ocean. The total distance of the state's eastern borders is 1,862 km, and there is 12,889km of coastline. The total land area occupied by the state is 2.5 million km.2.

 Source: www.wikipedia.org

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