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It's easy to forgive Venice for its eternal preoccupation with its own beauty. All the picture books in the world won't prepare you for the city's exotic landmarks,  rising like mirages from the sea.  Entirely built on water, Venice is unique in all the world.  Its landmarks, the Basilica di San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale, are exotic mélanges of Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles. A city renowned in the Renaissance for its artists' rendering of color, it is full of secrets, grace and charm.

Statues Atop the Basilica Cathedral, Venice, Italy  At Rest, Venice, Italy  Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

My photo albums of Venice includes the following:

  •  Basilica of San Marco  - A mixture of Byzantine and Romanesque styles, the Basilica, is laid out in a Greek-cross (four arms of equal length) floor plan and topped with five plump domes.  The original church was built in 828 to house the body of St. Mark the Evangelist.  A 976 fire destroyed most of the original church; rebuilding began in 1063 and it reopened in 1094.  (I didn't get to see inside due to time limitations.  Next time!)

  •  Canals - Canals are the life blood of this vibrant city rescued from the sea.  Like nowhere else in the world.

  •  People - As unique as this magical city.

  •  Piazza San Marco - Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square)  is the only true square in Venice. It has been the scene of some of the most important religious and political activities of the Serenissima as well as the center of Venetian social life for almost a millennium.

  •  Ponte Di Rialto - Erected in  the late 1500s, the Rialto Bridge is the first permanent stone bridge built in Venice.  A single arcade supports two rows of shops, with windows that open onto the central passage. Along the railing you'll find one of the city's most famous views: the Grand Canal vibrant with gondola and motorboat traffic.

  •  Street Scenes - Narrow winding streets, buildings dating back centuries, churches and shops - all uniquely Venetian.

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