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This website includes recent business writing and background information on my business career - still going strong after 45+ years.  While I enjoy travel and photography as hobbies, I have also led a double-life, spending my days working to help grow companies and to enhance their profitability as my day job. 

Here's a brief summary:

My background includes experience in public accounting (Ernst & Young, Chicago and in my own practice in Oceanside CA), multi-national corporations (UTC, LTV and Verity) and smaller emerging corporations within the finance-accounting arena. I have had solid experience in such diverse areas such as strategic planning, securities registration and reporting, taxation, contract negotiation and administration, due diligence, business valuation, treasury and marketing / industry analyses. I have been a student and supporter of China and Asia since I spearheaded a technical assistance agreement with the PRC in 1980, and which ultimately led to my move to Hong Kong in 2003. I strongly believe in China's future and am prepared to utilize my expertise to help Western companies grow their presence in this important market.

What's Included

  •  Newsletters - my latest newsletters on China (China Business Advisory) and advice for our recessionary times (Tough Times Tactics). 
  •  My C.V. - What I did and do for my day job
  •  My Press Credentials - which links to a list of published works


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Need help?  Have questions? Comments?  Whatever - if you need to contact me for anything, here's how. 

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Sam W Stearman

[852] 6244-5166
DeerHill Bay, Tai Po N.T., Hong Kong
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