Phoenix City
Phoenix City


Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang or Feng Huang), Hunan Province China

Ming and Qing architecture remains large intact in the ancient city of Fenghuang (Phoenix) 53 km to the south of Jishou City. The streets are paved with slate, and most dwellings sit on stilts, looking classically elegant with flying eaves and curving roof corners.

The old city is mainly tourist shops today, and many if not most of the buildings have been rebuilt using the old style architecture - a little disappointing. To see more of the original ancient city, you would need to take a boat that takes you out of the tourist area to a small island and beyond, but unfortunately we didn't have time to do this.

Typical of most places in China, no blue skies (due to smog), so the best views were at night.

Punts on the River - Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang) in Hunan Province, China  Bridge, Night View - Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang) in Hunan Province, China  View of the River - Ancient Phoenix City (Fenghuang) in Hunan Province, China

My photo albums of Phoenix City are below. 

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