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Norman S.K. Lau - one of Sam's Exotic Travel Photos Guest Galleries

Norman S.K. Lau's Photo Gallery

Old Scholar by Norman S.K. Lau

Old Scholar

Hunter from Sarawak by Norman S.K. Lau

Hunter from Sarawak

The Happy Wanderer by Norman S.K. Lau

The Happy Wanderer

Homeward Bound by Norman S.K. Lau

Homeward Bound

Children of China by Norman S.K. Lau

Children of China

Rocky Girl Green by Norman S.K. Lau

Rocky Girl Green

Woman from Sarawak by Norman S.K. Lau

Woman from Sarawak

Vietnamese Girl - Hair X 4 by Norman S.K. Lau

Vietnam - Hair X 4

About the Artist

Norman S.K. LAU of Hong Kong is a senior figure in Asian photographic circles, having dedicated his life to both journalistic and salon photography and the promotion of photographic art in Hong Kong, Macau and throughout Asia.  He began his career in professional photography as a photo-journalist for the Star newspaper (1966) and with the Hong Kong Standard newspaper (1971), before opening starting his own commercial studios in 1974.  He has acted as traveling photographer for Cathay Pacific Airways and has been active in promoting photography as an art form in Hong Kong and Macau.


Mr. Lau held his first photographic exhibition in 1980 in Brunei at the invitation of the Sultan.  His work has also been exhibited in Malaysia, China and Hong Kong. Mr. Lau received his fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society (FRPS) in 1989. During the same year his work was awarded a certificate of excellence by the Federation of International Photographic Art (EFIAP) and in 1994 by the Federation of Asian Photographic Art (FAPA) for which organization he has also served as President.


Since 1975 Mr. Lau has played an active role in FAPA events, has assisted in the broadening its objectives and membership, and currently serves as its Honorary President.   FAPA is the largest photographic organization in Asia, with affiliations in 15 Asian Pacific regions.


Mr. Lau uses his experience in photography and photo-related travel to write articles for photographic magazines and hobby columns in local and Asian newspapers in both Chinese and English.


Note: Since Norman doesn't currently have a website, I've included a larger sample of his work than of other photographers included in my Guest Gallery.


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