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Sam's Travels to Exotic, Mystical Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma during the English colonial period, is a mystical, magical land of beauty and wonder. Within its borders in SE Asia lies the remains of a golden past (Bagan); the last royal residence (Mandalay), its beautiful capital city and home to 4 million (Yangon) and the land that time forgot, the enchanting and peaceful Lake Inle. Check out my photos and see why you need to add this wonderful country on your short list of places to visit.

Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar  U Bein Bridge at Sunset, Amarapura, Myanmar  That Nyu Temple, Bagan, Myanmar

Entrance to Pindaya Cave, Pindaya, Myanmar  Sunrise - Mandalay Fort, Mandalay, Myanmar  Sunset on Lake Inle, Myanmar

The above pictures were taken (left to right, top to bottom) at Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon; U Bein's Bridge, Amarapura; That Nyu Temple, Bagan; Pindaya Cave Entrance, Pindaya; Mandalay Fort, Mandalay; and Sunset on Lake Inle.

We traveled to Myanmar for eight days in October 2004  on a private tour arranged through Myanmar Vacations Travels & Tours Co. Ltd.   (  If you have a limited time, a tour is the only way to go - because there is so much to see and do.  Ohn Mar Thant, managing director of the tour company, arranged a wonderful tour to take full advantage of the 7 days we had for sightseeing, and our tour guide Min Naung Oo was extremely knowledgeable and helpful - and made sure I saw everything I wanted - including stopping the car and boat to get that perfect shot. 

Of all the places I visited in the last year, this is my favorite.  Check it out and see if you agree by clicking on the links below:

  •  Amarapura - former capital located south of Mandalay

  •  Bagan - one of the wonders of Asia

  •  Inle Lake - the land that time forgot

  •  Mandalay - The "Road to Mandalay" - King Mindon's Residence

  •  Mingun - unfinished business up river from Mandalay

  •  Pindaya - the city of the cave temple

  •  Yangon - the golden city of SE Asia and capital of Myanmar

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