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The Kun Iam Statue. Located on the Outer Harbour, this statue, dedicated to the Goddess of Kun Iam (Goddess of Mercy) is 20 metres tall and made of bronze. The dome shaped base contains an information center on Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. 

Guitar and window. Picture taken in a quaint Portuguese restaurant. 

Power boat in harbour 

Small island and bridge 

The Macau Tower. At 399 metres, it is claimed that it is the 20th tallest free standing structure in the world and 8th tallest in Asia. The tower is a part of a convention, entertainment and tourist center. 

China's Government Building, located near the harbour 

Fountains in the harbor, with bridge to outer islands in the background 

View of waterfront and downtown Macau 

View of new bridge (under construction) to outer islands and the imposing Macau Tower 

The Macau Tower in the foreground. That's Zhuhai, China across the harbour.  

Standing guard 

One of Macau's churches (sorry I didn't get the name) 

Waterfront view 

Dragon boat kept at the harbour front. Dragon boat races are held annually. 

View from harbour front 

A-Ma Temple, located near the harbour opposite the Maritime Museum. The temple is named after the beautiful young Sea Goddess who, according to legend, saved a ship in a storm. When the Portuguese landed opposite they named the enclave A-Ma-Gao in her honour. One of the best example of local Chinese temples, A-Ma consists of ornate prayer rooms, alters and rock gardens. Parts of the structure are up to 600 years old. 

Fudog stands guard at the entrance to the temple 

Buddhist worshippers 

Incense sticks 

Inside the grounds of A-Ma Temple 

View through window of one of the prayer room of A-Ma Temple. The hanging items which look like wire baskets are actually coils of incense. 

Archways at A-Ma Temple 

The Ruins of St Paul Cathedral. The ruins, overlooking the city centre, is to Macau what the Opera House is to Sydney and Big Ben is to London. The intricate stone facade. located at the top of a grand flight of steps, is all that is left of the once spectacular cathedral dating back to the 17th Century 

The facade of St. Paul Cathedral. Located just beneath the former fort and museum, the site is a focal point for many events and entertainment. 

One of the statues on the facade of St. Paul's 

View of city from the steps of the ruins of St. Paul 

Walkways outside the Macau Museum. Macau's Monte Fort was built in the 17th century and commands a fine view of the city. Several cannons still remain. Part of the fort now houses the Macau Museum, which displays an interesting assortment of Chinese and Portuguese artifacts from the territory's pre-colonial and colonial history. 

View of city taken from the grounds of the fort and museum 

Additional view from fort 

The Museum of Macau and its reflecting pool. The museum is located within the confines of the former fort, located on the highest point of Macau 

View below taken from one of guns remaining at Macau's Fort 

Museum of Macau 

The Bridge connecting Macau's main island to its two outer islands 

One of Macau's major casinos 

Sculpture in waterfront park 

Downtown area where all the casinos are located 

Sculpture in downtown park near harbour 

The first of the Las Vegas casinos to be opened in Macau. Gambling is big business! Posted by Hello

Macau's pier. The bridge in the background is to Macau's 2 outer islands 

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