Macau - Impressions


Macau - Sights
Macau - Impressions




Security Cat 

The welder 

Simon says "Cross your legs" 

Waiting for the bank to open 

Norman - my host and guide, my friend and mentor 

Fresh chickens for sale 

Hardware store owner 

One man's junk is another man's treasure 

Skyline. Not too bad for such a rainy, gloomy day. 

All this computer needs is a little bit of tender loving care.... No, I don't think so. 


The Doorway 

Lez, local photographer, and Norman with the ultimate zoom 

The round building 

New car dealer 

Fish market 

Bird in a gilded cage 

Ah, wisdom 

Inside the Artist Cafe - favorite haunt for artists in Macau 

The photographer 

The butcher 

Lady and umbrella 

Workers on stepladder 

Two religions 

View from the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral 

Lady with umbrella 

City streets - a rainy day 

Statue of Girl and Dog and steps leading to the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Ruins of St Paul's Cathedral 

Follow the yellow brick road 

The Plaza - night view 

Stars in the night 

Family restaurant - choose your own fish 

Fortune teller waiting for a customer 

Hardware store. You want it, we have it 

Open for business.  

Checking out the magazine 

Hardware store manager 

Dim sum restaurant - Come on in 

Vegetable market 

The TV interview. She even sang a song 

What's the question again? 

Cookies and sweets  

Man with cap 

The banana lady 

Dried foods for sale 

Decisions, decisions 

Used stereo shop and owner 

Metal worker and shop 

Store manager pricing items 

Reading the newspaper 

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