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Sam"s Exotic Photos of Lamma Island (Po Liu Chau), Hong Kong

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Fishing Boats at Sunset, Lamma Island - One of Hong Kong's Outlying Islands, Hong Kong SAR China  Billboard, Lamma Island (Po Liu Chau), Hong Kong  Fishing at Sunset, Lamma Island (Po Liu Chau), Hong Kong

Lamma Island, also known as "Po Liu Chau", is the third largest island in Hong Kong, smaller only to Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island in total area. It is just off the south of the Hong Kong Island with total area of 14 sq. km. Since the largest flatland is on the northern coast, most of the people reside in Yung Shue Wan on the southern side.

At its narrowest it is barely half a kilometre across, but its farthest extremities lie eight kilometres apart. Seen from above, it appears like an orchid - although only the black-eared kites that soar above the island ever see the full complexity of its shape. Peninsulas radiate out, enclosing deep bays that face this way and that. The landscape is mostly steep, with a few sheltered, fertile valleys. And almost always, off in the distance, the impressive profile of Mount Stenhouse (353 metres) rises up.

Map, Lamma Island

Lamma is perhaps the loveliest of Hong Kong's scattered islands. In places sinuous and softly contoured, elsewhere precipitous and rugged, Lamma is full of scenic charm. It has some substantial village communities, but most of the island remains uninhabited - and in places it is remote and wild.

Hikers revel in Lamma's wild beauty, but for the island's villagers the terrain often brought hardship and toil. The lack of vacant valley land led many to build rice terraces and houses in the most inhospitable of places. Today, across the island, one finds their decaying cottages, old terraces, and long-forgotten burial urns. Natural vegetation is gradually growing back, smothering them all.

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