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Sam's Exotic Travels to Roman Ruins at Jerash, Jordan

Jerash was one of the pleasant surprises of our trip.  The ruins show remains of a large city, and the best preserved of any the many Roman sites visited throughout Turkey and the Mideast.  Walking along the wide avenues and seeing where shops used to be and viewing remains of temples, theaters and hippodrome (the only surviving complete stadium I've seen) - it was easy to imagine living in such an opulent surroundings during the first Century.  I was really surprised that this has not been recognized by UNESCO - but it should be.  Come take my private tour and see for yourself.

"The ruins at Jerash (known in Roman times as Gerasa) are one of Jordan's major attractions and still have the power to evoke the ghosts of Rome. It's one of the best examples in the Middle East of a Roman provincial city, and is remarkably well preserved.

In its heyday, Jerash (known in Roman times as Gerasa) had a population of 15,000 to 20,000 inhabitants and, although it wasn't on any major trade route, its citizens prospered from the good agricultural land that surrounded it. The ancient walled city that survives today was the administrative, commercial, civic and religious centre of Jerash. The bulk of the inhabitants lived on the eastern side of Wadi Jerash (now the modern town of Jerash) and the two centres were linked by causeways and processional paths.

As you wander Jerash try to imagine life 2000 years ago: the centre bustling with shops and merchants, lined with cooling water fountains and dramatic painted fašades. Picture today's empty niches filled with painted statues; buildings still clad in marble fašades and decorated with carved peacocks and shell motifs; and churches topped with Tuscan-style terracotta tiled roofs."


In AD 749, a major earthquake destroyed much of Jerash and its surroundings.

Entry Gate, Ruins at Jerash, Jordan  Columns in Silhouette, Roman Ruins at Jerash, Jordan  Colonnade at Jerash, Jordan

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