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Royal Ceremony_ 50th anniversary of the King, Thailand by Jean Manuel Nadeau

Royal Ceremony: 50th Anniversary of the King, Thailand

 Saraswati Statue in Ubud, Bali by Jean Manuel Nadeau

Saraswati Statue in Ubud, Bali


Cremation Ceremony, Bali

Great Wall of China by Jean Manuel Nadeau

Great Wall of China

Boy With Paper Airplane, Angkor Wat Cambodia by Jean Manuel Nadeau

Boy With Paper Airplane, Angkor Wat Cambodia

 Sri Lanka Portrait by Jean Manuel Nadeau

Sri Lanka Portrait

About the Artist

Jean Manuel Nadeau

At an early age, with camera in hand, Jean-Manuel (Jim) left the life he knew to discover our world. His 6 years spent across Central America and throughout Asia brought him into the depth of human experience...

Photography guided him into the practice of stillness, living in the present moment and refining his own essence. His images convey the diversity and vibrancy of nature, of human's cultural imprint on our planet and the richness of our senses.

What was supposed to be a simple adventure became his life's journey and a pilgrimage into the practices of ancient wisdom.

Mystic visionary and talented visual artist, he has now settled in Bali, bridging the world of our soul and the world of our mind, deepening his knowledge on human evolution and the science of time, sharing his healing discoveries through bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy, and creating visual projects with photography and graphic / web design.

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