Sam's Exotic Photo Journeys to Versailles & Paris France

After a long long drive from Mt. Titlis, Switzerland we reached France, staying overnight in Dijon (as in Dijon mustard) but again way out of the city along the interstate in a terrible Holiday Inn not at all equipped to handle one tour group, much less the two that were staying there, plus additional large groups to dinner.  No photo opps there.

Gardens of Versailles, France  Paris Opera House, Paris, France  Sunset on the Seine, Paris, France

After breakfast, we continued on our journey to Versailles for lunch and three hours to view the royal palace and gardens, then on to Paris for a sunset cruise on the Seine, with stops by the Effel Tower and the Arche.  The next day, a full day without changing hotels (very nice rooms) we toured Notre Dame and the Louvre, with time for shopping before a show at the Moulin Rouge.

Sadly, all that was left on the second morning was to pack and head for the airport and home.

  •  Versailles - Much imitated but never equaled, the ornate palace of King Louis XIV (the "Sun King") is a feast for the eyes and fairly resounds with history. Within its magnificent halls, empires were founded, kingdoms collapsed and a World War ended.  The palace, known throughout the world as the epitome of extravagance, was built to be big enough to house the king and his court -- more than 3,000 people -- within a single building.

  •  Paris - Paris is a city of vast, noble perspectives and intimate, ramshackle streets, of formal green open spaces and of quiet squares. This combination of the pompous and the private is one of the secrets of its perennial pull. Another is its size. Paris is relatively small as capitals go, with distances between many of its major sights and museums invariably walkable.

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