Europe 2004
Europe 2004


Italy, Switzerland & France - A Photographer's Paradise

In early September 2004, Kai Ling, her daughter Diana and I took an eight-day tour arranged by Jetour of Hong Kong, with stops in Rome, Prato, Venice and Milan Italy; Lucerne and Mt. Titlis in Switzerland and Versailles and Paris in France.  While the tour was designed, as most Hong Kong tours are, of covering as many cities as possible in the time available we were fortunate to have great weather for the entire trip.  Even though the tour was in Cantonese, Nicole Wong, our tour director took the time to explain about the places we visited to me in English, for which I was most thankful. 

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy  The Arcades - Interior View, Milan, Italy  Footbridge over River Reuss, Lucerne, Switzerland

Mt. Titlis, Switzerland  The Gardens at Versailles, Versailles, France  Sidewalk Painter near Notre Dame, Paris, France

Our Trip
Tiring journey - Practice for around the world in 80 days (maybe 40). We arrived in Rome after an all-night flight from HK, jumped on a bus and visited The Vatican, got a glimpse of the Colesseum, had lunch, then another stop at Trevi Fountain, then back on the bus to the outskirts of Prato where we spent the night. Anyway, you get the idea by now that we spent a lot of time on the bus, briefly saw a few highlights and most of the HK tourists were satisfied to just get off the bus so they could take their picture in front of some landmark so they could show their friends where all they had been, then eat, shop or sleep their way through Europe, while the tour guide talked non-stop on the bus in Cantonese. Thank God I had Kai Ling's iPod to listen to to drown out the PA.

I did stretch the tour by getting up early, staying up late, eating a quick meal or skipping meals altogether and doing sightseeing on my own while others were shopping, etc.

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