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Sam's Exotic Travel Photos of Egypt, Its Peoples, Sights and Relics of the World's First Great Civilization

The Egyptian Nile Valley was home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, spanning three thousand years of continuous history. When Egypt fell under a series of foreign occupations after 343 BC, each left an indelible mark on the country's cultural landscape.   But it's not just the  monuments of the Pharaohs that have drawn travelers to this country since long before the birth of Christ - it's the legacy of the Greeks, Romans and early Christians, and the profusion of art and architecture accumulated from centuries of successive Islamic dynasties.

Occupying over 3 percent of Africa's land mass, Egypt is defined by its geography.  Bordered by the Red Sea to the east, the Mediterranean on the north, and the Nubian and Libyan deserts in the south and west.  95 percent of all Egyptians inhabit only 5 percent of their country, most of these along the Nile Valley, which runs from its southern borders north to the Mediterranean.  The Nile runs through rainless Egypt, and provides irrigation to the entire Nile Valley.  Flowing out of the lakes of Ethiopia and Uganda, the Nile is the world's longest river, stretching some 6,400 km, 2,700 km of which is through Egypt and Sudan. 

"So vital is it to the country that Egypt is defined according to its direction of flow.  The sourth of the country is known as Upper Egypt, while the North is called Lower Egypt, and when asked for directions, Egyptians will often refer to the river: qibli, towards the mountains in the sourth and bahari, to the sea in the north."  Explorer Egypt, AA Publishing

The Great Sphinx, Ancient Egyptian Necropolis of Giza  The Great Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara Egypt  Imposing Statue of Ramesses II,  The Ruins of Memphis, First Capital of Lower Egypt   Columns - The Temple of Kom Ombo, Egypt

Carriage Driver - the Beautiful People of Luxor, Egypt  Camels and Rider by Street Light, Giza Egypt  Sunrise Panaroma - Hurghada, Tourist Resort on the Red Sea, Egypt

I've made two trips to Egypt, an extended nine day trip in September 2008 with my wife and a quick visit in July 2007 with my son Bobby en route to Kenya.  Lots of pictures

The two trips include visits to the following:

 In 2007, Bobby and I did a dinner cruise on the Nile in Cairo (our only visit to the city for the 2007 trip) and as always, I found time to photograph people I met in and around our hotel and on the road, which are included below.

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