Turkey - Sam's Exotic Travels to Cappadocia in the Central Anatolia Region

Cappadocia, which is a miraculous natural wonder, is the common name of the plains covering the provinces of Aksaray, Nevsehir, Nigde, Kayseri and Kirsehir in the Middle Anatolian region.

Here's some of what I consider to be the most interesting facts/history items:

  • Its unique lunar landscape was created when the lava ash from ancient volcanoes were shaped by wind, water and time, resulting in its “Fairy Chimneys” and other conical rock formations found throughout the area.

  • During Roman rule, early Christians migrated to Cappadocia and established monasteries, schools and settlements from the 4th to the 14th centuries, helping spread Christianity abroad, using hillside cave structures such as in Goreme. Ruins of an estimated 150 churches and several monasteries have been found in this area.

  • Extensive underground cave communities were established to protect its Christian residents, first from Roman soldiers and later for warring tribes that crisscrossed the area. These cities, which held up to 20,000 residents on eight or more levels, were extensive and included housing for up to 20,000 residents, with a communal kitchen and dining room, ventilation shafts (which also doubled as an intercom system), churches, abbeys, water wells, provisions storage for up to four months, toilets and meeting rooms.

  • From 2000 BC, this area was part of the growing trade route connecting Europe and Asia, commonly referred to as the “Silk Road”. Large hans (inns) were built in 12th and 13th centuries, providing food, shelter and entertainment for travelers, some of which are still standing.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Ayvali Village - Cappadocia, Middle Anatolian Region of Turkey  The Duck Chimney - Fairy Chimneys of Pasabag in Cappadocia, central Turkey  What a Smile - The Beautiful People of Cappadocia in central Turkey

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