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California is high on everyone's vacation lists - and with good reasons.  And while tourists flock to its major coastal cities: San Francisco in the north and Los Angeles in the south, it offers so much more: a picturesque coastline along its entire western border, stunning scenery of its state and national parks in its interior, an almost unbroken development along its coastline and much more. 

Meadow, Cliffs & Creek, Yosemite, CA  Bridge into Yosemite Village, Yosemite, CA  Meadow, Flowers and Tree, Yosemite, CA  Piedras Blancas Lighthouse, Piedras Blancas, California Central Coast, USA

It was my home from 1987, except for a year in Idaho, until I moved to Hong Kong in September 2003 - and I hope the extensive pictures I have taken provide an indication of the many faces of this remarkable state.

My California albums includes:

Yosemite National Park - One of my favorite places, as pictured above.  While I didn't get there during spring or winter which is the absolute best time to go, I thought it was still breathtaking during my visit in June 2001. 

Bay Area - The Bay area is a place of contrasts and beauty. - from San Francisco and its cable cars, the beach communities of Monterey and Carmel and the Santa Cruz Mountains to the south, to Sausalito to the North and San Jose to the South East.

Central Coast - Between the mega-metropolis of Los Angeles to the south and San Francisco/Oakland/South Bay to the north is one of the most picturesque ocean drives  - at least for those who have the time to slow down and smell the flowers while the head up California Hwy 1.   Albums were added in 2007 and 2008

Southern California - Most of pictures were in and around San Diego County where I lived with a few in the greater LA area to the North.  Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, I left a part of mine in beautiful San Diego, which in my opinion has the best climate in all the world.

California Revisited 2006 - I had the opportunity to re-visit northern California in October 2006.  While I drove as far south as Oxnard, I only had a chance to get a few pictures in San Francisco,  in the Monterey Peninsula area and on my drive down down the coast as far as San Luis Obispo. 

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