Awards won by Sam's Exotic Travel Photos Site

I am proud to present you with our Award of Paradise in gold. Your site Sam's Exotic Travel Photos is very informative. I enjoyed vicariously traveling the world through your photos.  What incredible pictures!  The site is well laid out and presents (your) work well. A good use of white-space. Please note, that our award is one of the highest as well as a hardest to win award. It it's been a pleasure visiting your site and thank you for making such a positive contribution to the internet. Thank you for your interest in our Awards Program and congratulations on such a fine web site. - Franz Boigner (Jun 2008)


"Your web site, Sam's Exotic Travel Photos, has qualified for the Internet Beacon Silver Award.  What beautiful photos!  I think you underestimate yourself when you refer to yourself as a "rank Amateur."  These are easily professional-quality photos.  Many of these are places that I will never visit, and so I found my visit to your site to be fascinating.  Very nice indeed.  - Congratulations on an outstanding web site."  Vance Elderkin (Mar 06)

"Congratulations you have won Art Rose Silver Award! I want to thank you for allowing me to review your site. I found it attractive, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. Your hard work is on display and is evident on every page." - Best regards,  June Rydgren (Jan 05)



"Congratulations  Sam, your website has been thoroughly evaluated and I'm glad to announce it was selected to win one of the most coveted awards in the world, the BTDesign APPROVED Award, a sign of recognition for websites which make surfing a different experience.  Thanks for your interest in the BTDesign Awards, again congratulations and keep up with your important work!"  Sincerely, Barbara (Jan 05)


"I am pleased to offer you The Rose Silver Award....  Thank you for inviting me to view your site, and I wish you much continued success in the future...  Keep up the great work!" 
Sincerely, Donna O'Smollain-MacDhadhoc (Feb 05)




"First let me say thank you for allowing be the privilege to evaluate your site. ... Congratulations!  Your site is extremely well done, very easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web.  I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting your site....  I really enjoyed my visit and I also loved the clean layout and versatility in your design!  Thanks for sharing your travels and wonderful pictures with all of us." Sincerely, Todd (Apr 05)



The Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program salutes your dedication and congratulates you on being a winner of our Bronze Award.   Our awards are not easy to obtain at any level and to win our award is a great achievement. You being a winner shows that you have put the effort needed into your site and have made it an asset to the www.  Sandra Gerbers (Apr 05)




I am delighted to tell you that ... based on the ease of navigation, content, graphic quality, page layout and design, we have awarded you the book-look "Top Spot" award for Web site excellence.... Thank you for taking part in the book-look awards and we wish you the best of luck with your Web site.  Ray Covins (May 05)