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Who am I?  I'd give the world to know.



In past lives,

  • I had many jobs from consultant, corporate officer and entrepreneur in my career and in the course of my work I met many wonderful friends who I treasure to this day.  Hopefully I also helped a few people along the way.
  • I have been a technical writer on software and technology in my spare time, as well as a tennis enthusiast, a jazz collector and a seeker of truth.
  • I've also been father and husband.  My wonderful children are all grown and on their own and were before I uprooted myself and moved from west to east on the other side of the world in September 2003.

This site: samsays.com has served two previous uses before now:

  • As a site to publicize "Samsays Software Award Winners" in connection with  the establishment of Choice Technologies, Inc., a venture started with two special friends: Ray Brannon and Roger Leistad.  Our dreams of 1996 have been badly tarnished by reality, but the company continues to this day.  Its website: www.safechoice.com replaced this site as the corporate site in 1998.  I gave up on my dream and went back to the real world at the end of 1997.
  • As an Electronic Portfolio for me personally to promote my business as a Consultant and CPA.

Now that I have settled in Hong Kong, I thought it time to put the site to much better use: to highlight my interest in travel, discovery and people.  Maybe in some future time, I will also include some of my writings and musings.  it is a new start for me in a new land, and this site serves as the bridge between my past and my future.

Here's my photo with my wife and love of my life:

Sam & Kai Ling

And at work:

Sam Stearman and camera

About My Photos

While I would like to think that I am a good photographer, honesty forces me to confess that I am a traveler who takes photos and not a photographer who travels.  There are differences:

  • Many of the places and sites I visit, I only see one time.  Good weather or bad, sun or no sun, shadows or no shadows, beautiful skies, gray overcast or even rain -- I have to take what there is and make the most of it.  Photographers would find the perfect spot, make sure the light and shadows are just right for the mood they want to create and make sure they use the right lens and filters. 
  • When shooting, I am normally traveling with my wife and often with a tour group, so I can't take the time to make sure I find the best angle, set up a tripod and choose the best aperture - I have to quickly choose what I want to take and take the picture -- otherwise the group will be far gone and/or my wife wouldn't be speaking to me anymore.
  • I use digital cameras for all my shots, not film for prints or slides, so I take a lot more photos than professional photographers would take -- After all, I don't have to pay for processing. 

That said, I hope that my pictures are not what you normally see in snapshots or in most travel guides or articles.  I try to avoid typical tourist shots - and concentrate on unusual angles of buildings and landscapes to make them special, to take pictures that captures everyday life of the places I visit and which showcase the wonderful beautiful people.  A fellow traveler/photographer from Japan calls his site "Trot 'n Shoot", meaning he takes what he sees while he walks.  My approach is pretty much the same.  I do try to do what I call "extending the tour"  by going out before breakfast, skipping lunches and going out after dinner, to visit the surrounding neighborhoods, meeting the people and capturing the energy and spirit of the places I go.

I hope you enjoy my vision of the world.

Thanks for visiting. 


Contact Info:
Sam W. Stearman
DeerHill Bay
Tai Po, N.T.
Hong Kong
Ph: 852-6244-5166
Email:  samsays@gmail.com

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