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Sam's Exotic Travel Photos

Travel photos of landscapes, city views, nature and people - stock travel photography and travelogues from all 7 continents  - plus a guest gallery of some of my favorite photographers 

Been there, done that AND I took pictures.  So come join me on a travel photo journey to exotic  and far-away places with strange-sounding names, including hiking in the Anapurnas, safaris in Kenya and Nepal, white-water rafting in Nepal, boating in Burma (Myanmar) and the Amazons plus sightseeing in many wonderful and exotic countries on seven continents.

Music Man by Sam's Exotic Travels - Amber Fort, Jaipur India.   The Smoke - The people of Loudai in glorious color - Chengdu, China  Angkor Wat Sunrise by Sam's Exotic Travel Photos  - Angkor Cambodia  Path to Da Hong Pa Tea Farm, Wuyishan China by Sam's Exotic Travel Photos

Lone Tree at Sunrise by Sam's Exotic Travel Photos - Lake Wanaka - New Zealand South Island   Fall in all its colors by Sam's Exotic Travel Photos - Colorful Lake, Jiuzhaigou Valley - Sichuan Province, China    Foz do Iguacu - with sunset reflections, Brasil Argentina border

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  •  Africa - Birthplace of civilization, exotic and untamed
  •  Antarctica - The End of the World, Life at the South Pole
  •  Asia - Exotic, enchanting, diverse Asia. 
  •  Australia/Oceania - journey to majestic New Zealand's South Island
  •  Europe - A mixture of antiquity, beauty and modern cultures
  •  North America - My birthplace and home until 2003.  Lots of places off the beaten path
  •  South America - Sam's Brazilian Odyssey
  •  Guest Gallery - features work by some of my favorite photographers, some professional, some amateur - but each with a unique eye for landscape and travel photos worth visiting.
  •  Sam in Print - Another facet of Sam, work related newsletters and background.


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Sam W. Stearman
Hong Kong

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